Flora Sophia Full Spectrum Extract 800mg

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Product Overview

One of our customer favorites here at The Hempest.  Flora Sophia originates at  a small, but very well cared for Hemp Farm in Oregon.  Having a 2-3 Acre farm gives them the ability to care and tend to every plant, and the difference is noticed in the final product.  From start to finish, seeding, to growing, to extracting, this is a well cared for operation. Available in 3 different potencies.

Our 800mg (total cannabinoid) Hemp Extract is perfect for integrating cannabinoids into your diet. With 23mg of CBD per ml, this is many people's go to oil for health maintenance, taking .5-1ml alongside their other daily supplements. Each bottle contains 1 gram of our highest quality, Full Spectrum, ethanol extracted FECO oil (see lab for FECO oil below), blended into organic MCT and organic hemp seed oil.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review