Flora Sophia Full Spectrum Raw (Rosin Extract 700mg)

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Product Overview

This Raw Hemp infusion is made with 1 gram of hemp rosin per bottle and, as always, only Organic Carrier oils. Rosin is unique - no solvents are used; only very minimal heat is applied and only for short period of time. Because it is raw, hemp rosin is high in CBDA which is currently being researched and used for its superior potential in fighting inflammation in the body - something everyone can benefit from! This oil is full of flavonoids and terpenes and is unlike any other product we have seen on the market. We have had numerous customers swear by the pain relief this product gives them, and as with all Flora Sophia products, we are in regular contact with the grower and extractor who provides us with detailed photographs and information on their unique CBD strains.  We certainly think the Raw is a good one to have in your CBD arsenal.  There is a slight numbing in the throat - so take sublingually or ingest on bread. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review