Grön CBD Chocolate Sauce (240mg)

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Again....Wow!  If you want to achieve total CBD decadence, look no further than these amazing sauces from Grön CBD.  Made from Organically grown Hemp CBD  sourced from Oregon Cannabis legends East Fork Cultivars, and fair trade sourced Chocolate.  Gron just goes all out in creating amazing CBD products that will blow you away.  Their sauces are a perfect compliment to your morning cup of coffee or add a calming drizzle to top your ice cream for a late night treat.  Each tablespoon contains 20mg of Organic Hemp CBD.  Sauces are available in Chocolate or Caramel...choose your indulgence and have fun!

what’s in it?

Artfully crafted by our in-house chocolatiers from the highest quality cocoa powder, sugar, and our organic hemp extract.

why do you want it?

This incredible sauce provides sweetness with depth of avor and is perfect straight from the jar, over your favorite ice cream, or drizzled on pieces of fruit.