Mary's Elite Compound (100mg)

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Product Overview

Mary's has been formulating some very popular CBD products for several years now.  Located in Colorado, they use locally grown Hemp to extract CBD and expertly infuse it into incredibly deep penetrating formulas.  Mary's products are lower dosage, but what they lack in potency, they make up for in transdermal absorption. This seems to be the hardest part for a good topical product as CBD needs to penetrate the skin to be more effective.  

Contains 100mg of activated hemp extract.

*The FDA has not evaluated any statement on our site.  We are not doctors and are not making medical claims.  We urge you to always do your research, examine who you are doing business with, look for their back story, look for transparency, look for a mission.  We are life long cannabis advocates doing business with farmers or small craft business who work with farmers.   



(No reviews yet) Write a Review