About Us



The Hempest is not your average CBD company.  We were founded in 1995 with the conviction that bringing Hemp to the forefront of the marketplace was the best way to counteract the misinformation and ignorance surrounding the Cannabis plant for over half a century. We did this by establishing one of the largest Hemp clothing companies on the planet right in the heart of Boston's Newbury Street shopping district. What started as a 700 sq ft store expanded to 3 more floors and 5 more locations in the first 7 years. We launched our first website in 2002, and quickly were selling products not just around the East coast, but suddenly all over the country and the globe. We began our own clothing production in one of the first certified fair trade facilities in China, which has since become a manufacture for eco-fiber stalwarts like Patagonia, and Prana.  All the while we have never lost site of our mission focus of freeing the Cannabis plant.  

Getting Involved:

We worked on countless information drives, signature drives, held hemp fashion shows, did radio, and newspaper interviews, and donated thousands to organizations such as Epic, Drug Policy alliance, and Marijuana Policy project.  Our mission of environmental protection and sensible drug policy has been intertwined since day one, and it has been incredibly rewarding to watch the amazing changes unfold in the last 24 years.  Cannabis has become legal in our home state of Massachusetts and we are actively becoming a part of these incredible developments.  It has been our vision to show people the incredible potential on the Cannabis plant since we started, and the myriad of uses, from medicine, to paper, to fiber, to fuel.  We are now watching as this all becomes reality in practice.  

A Decade of CBD Experience:

We have been following CBD since about 2009 when we first saw a pack of CBD chewing gum from California that cost around $80 per pack and had around 20mg of CBD. Slowly, as time went by we started seeing and hearing these amazing stories of people treating serious conditions with CBD. by 2012 or so, some players were starting to emerge, and suddenly in 2014, the industry began to explode.  President Obama's signing of the farm bill created a federal legality umbrella to the states that had voted to legalize industrial hemp.  Suddenly, CBD was legal.  We were incredibly fortunate to be a part of the industry at that time, and to know what real CBD was.  As the barrage of low quality, smoke shop oriented products saturated the market, we were constantly focusing on quality products, from well known, respected farmers and extractors.  We have followed this industry since before it was an industry, and have always dealt with highly reputable, honest people with integrity.  All our products are top shelf products of the highest quality, and all have been 3rd party lab tested for safety.

Multiple Brands for Best Results:

We like to advocate multiple brands of CBD because we feel that multiple cannibinoid profiles are essential in achieving better results.  All of us have unique endo-cannibinoid systems and everyone will have a different experience with CBD based on how our individual receptors accept different products.  We feel a full range of products with varying cannabinoid profiles is the only way to reach different people and help them achieve their goals.  Sometimes people build tolerances to certain cannabinoid profiles and mixing it up can bring back the dramatic results you may have first had with CBD.  You can rest assured no matter which brand you decide on, you are getting a great product when you shop with The Hempest.  It has been our mission since 1995.  We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we have!