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    Sublingual tinctures are by far our most popular CBD products.  We have sought out what we consider to be the best CBD manufacturers in the industry over the last 4 years to bring you only the highest quality full spectrum CBD oils. The benefits to sublingual tinctures such as these increase significantly when held under the tongue for 1 minute or more.  When swallowed too quickly, some of the potency of the CBD will be lost as it hits your stomach acid. Allowing time for absorption sublingually is very important for achieving success in your CBD regimen.  We strive to carry multiple brands/strains due to the fact that all humans have different endo-cannabinoid systems. Many of our customers find success with one particular brand and stick with it, but many also find that switching brands can allow the absorption of slightly different cannabinoid profiles and can be extremely effective as well. Whatever you decide, you can be sure you are getting a quality product when you shop with The Hempest.

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