Lazarus 1500mg High potency Full Spectrum Tincture

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One of Our top-selling CBD tinctures now comes in 30ml bottles. The Lazarus 1500 mg is a 30ml bottle and is a sweet spot for customers looking for a month supply of CBD at the amazing cost of about $2 per day.  Lazarus Naturals is a farm direct CBD company out of Bend Oregon.  Their farm is in the high desert of Oregon, and has some of the best weather conditions in the state for Hemp farming.  Their in house extraction and farm to final product production enable them to have one of the lowest prices per mg of any CBD producer in the industry.  We have found their high potency full spectrum oils to be one of the best sellers of all the products we carry at The Hempest.  We have carried this brand for 3 years and have thousands of very satisfied customers who swear by it.  With such a low cost per mg, and a strong potency, it has been a great place for many people curious about CBD oil to get a proper introduction to its effects.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review