Lazarus 1500mg High potency Full Spectrum Tincture


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One of Our top-selling CBD tinctures now comes in 30ml bottles. The Lazarus 1500 mg is a 30ml bottle and is a sweet spot for customers looking for a month supply of CBD at the amazing cost of about $2 per day.  Lazarus Naturals is a farm direct CBD company out of Bend Oregon.  Their farm is in the high desert of Oregon, and has some of the best weather conditions in the state for Hemp farming.  Their in house extraction and farm to final product production enable them to have one of the lowest prices per mg of any CBD producer in the industry.  We have found their high potency full spectrum oils to be one of the best sellers of all the products we carry at The Hempest.  We have carried this brand for 3 years and have thousands of very satisfied customers who swear by it.  With such a low cost per mg, and a strong potency, it has been a great place for many people curious about CBD oil to get a proper introduction to its effects.



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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    Lazarus 1500mg cbd

    Posted by Angela Suddreth on May 31st 2020

    Works great! I received imediate relief within an hour of ingesting a dropper full. I am very much satisfied with Lazarus 1500 full spectrum cbd oil. I've lived with chronic pain for over 25 yrs. & have been on countless prescription meds, no of them worked. I also have done physical therapy, tinge unit, chripractor all to no relief. I'm grateful to cbd oil, it literally has changed my life. Lazarus is #2 on the top 10 best rated for cbd oils, I support that report 100%. So if you're at your end of your rope I encourage you to try Lazarus! You will NOT be disappointed. Thanks, Angela Suddreth

  • 5
    Lazarus 1500mg cbd

    Posted by Angela Suddreth on May 22nd 2020

    I was at my end! The chronic pain I live with everyday had me by the b...s sad part is I don't have b...s! But that's how I felt. I have been on any & all prescription meds & was addicted to opioids for many years. I finally beat that but then the pain got even worse. I started hearing about this cbd oil working for chronic pain, I gotta admit I was very against it @ first. I didn't want to go back to addicted substances. I thought that is was just another way of getting high. So after a year of that state of mind I decided it was time to do the research. I did & boy was I suprised @ what I learned. I must have went to 100 different sites all about cbd & what it was & how it is processed, who makes it, where they make it, where to get it, how much it cost, I learned everything I could before deciding to try it. I did the research on who had the best and the difference of oil & isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum you name it I read it. I finally made a choice after 3 months of continuous daily research. I chose Lazarus because after all my research I believed what was wrote about their product. But before I made the purchase I emailed them to see if it was a one time deal or was I signing up for a certain amount of time, that was the one thing I found to be true with a lot of the companies, you would order at a really low price & then they would bill your card a couple hundred bucks a week or so later & they kept it coming. Why would I want that when I wasn't sure it was going to help me? Lazarus emailed me back promptly, assured me that I only would be getting what I ordered, no hidden fees, no contract! I am glad I ordered from Lazarus. I have been taking the recommended dose & omg the difference in my body & mind is undescribable! I don't have the chronic never ending pain, I am way more relaxed & find that I also sleep. The pain doesn't keep me awake. This has been the best I have felt in over 2 decades! I am not getting high nor do I panic at the thought of living life with pain! Thank you Lazarus, thank you!