Working Directly with Farmers

Posted by Mitch Rosenfield on Feb 7th 2019

Working Directly with Farmers

When choosing a CBD product, quality should be of the utmost concern.  At The Hempest, our mission is to make sure we bring you top quality lab tested, organic products at the best possible price. As pioneers in the US hemp industry for over 20 years, we have had the good fortune of meeting and knowing many Hemp CBD farmers very early on when they were getting established.  We have followed Hemp farming very closely in the United States since it's re-legalization, and have cultivated some excellent relationships with some of the best farmers in the industry.  Because of this, we have been stocking the best CBD products on the market for over 4 years. 

Working directly with farms allows us to cut out middlemen and offer you the best possible prices. Unfortunately there have been a number of unscrupulous CBD companies that have opened up trying to capitalize on a quickly growing industry.  Many of these products utilize cheaply produced CBD isolates being made with little over site. Our inbox is filled with offers from these companies every day trying to get us to create our own brand of CBD from this inferior product.  Companies then use slick packaging, and marketing gimmicks to get these products into the hands of uneducated consumers.  Many are marketed heavily to smoke shops, and some to natural food stores.  Some of these are the same product which just have label changes to market to the intended consumer. Unfortunately, with these products the consumer is paying far too much for middle men, and marketing, and receiving an inferior quality , lower dose CBD at a higher price.

Our goal has always been to educate consumers about CBD so they can make an informed decision, and hopefully find a product that helps them achieve their wellness goals. Our return clientele numbers have been incredible, because we carry the best CBD products in the industry. We work with hemp farms between 2-20 acres in size that have in house extraction methods and achieve very high full spectrum cannabinoid counts that still fall under the legal THC threshold. In our opinion, the importance of the Cannabinoid profiles cannot be overstated.  Secondary cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBG, CBN and many others not only have a number of therapeutic benefits themselves, but they also seem to work in symbiosis with CBD to help the bodies absorption.  Several studies have already confirmed this and we feel, based on our customer's feedback and experiences,  a lot more are in the pipeline.

Every brand we carry is a different strain(s) of Cannabis. While we do get a lot of brand loyalty in our sales, we also feel it is imperative to offer variety. When people use cannabis recreationally or medically for THC, very rarely, if ever, are they loyal to one particular strain or variety. The same should be the case with CBD.  Our bodies can build tolerances to different cannabinoid profiles, and the varying effects of differing cannabinoid profiles can have dramatically different effects. We hope that through offering different varieties we can help you find the right product to help with your exact problem. We will always try to source unique, organic, high quality, farm direct CBD products to achieve this goal. The Hempest strives to be a one stop CBD marketplace to offer you the best the industry has to offer.  We hope you serve you the best way we possibly can.  Thanks for all the years of continuous support.